Stop Forum Spam - Are you getting suspicious registrations?

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Atish Ranjan
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Stop Forum Spam - Are you getting suspicious registrations?

Postby Atish Ranjan » Fri Aug 05, 2016 7:37 am

Forums are one of the main targets of spammers. Ever since I have started this forum, I have got many spam registrations. But, since I have been working online for more than 5.5 years now, I always check the IP and email address on Google to find out the traces of spam. If everything is clear, I activate the account.

While searching on Google, I have found a Website StopForumSpam which is very nice, and list all the Forum Spammers with their IP, and email addresses used to signup on the various forums.

So, if you are running a forum, you must check suspicious email ids on Google as well as on stopforumspam site as well to find out whether the users are genuine or not.

It's a good way to stay safe from spam on your Forum site.

Hope this helps!
Atish Ranjan

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